Poverty exists in Saudi Arabia too


Trad Alasmari  Saudi film


The cliché of Saudi Arabia is that everybody drives around in Jaguars and spends their holidays at five star hotels in Beirut. But as this video proves, in the dark depths of the world’s petrol state, poverty is lurking


Trad Alasmari put this video on YouTube in protest over poverty in his country. The short documentary starts with the interview of a Saudi security guard who earns no more than 1000 Riyals a month [€200]. The video’s already been picked up by various Arabic media sites and fuelled hundreds of comments on YouTube. The blogger took the initiative after the president of the country’s human rights commission announced that the problem of poverty was a “minor” one and only found in “isolated pockets”.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest oil producer. And yet, banks in the country estimate that the unemployment rate is around 13% – and even that figure is an underestimation


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فكرتان اثنتان على ”Poverty exists in Saudi Arabia too

  1. Poverty most exists in every single country in this world even in Saudi Arabia
    it is a problem actually which every government in the whole world afraid of

    After all , we as Muslims have something called “ZAKAH” if everyone and I mean rich people does his own ZAKAH we will see no poverty
    After all any governor can’t help and solve this problem completely .

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